Hearing Test 



It’s the competition that’s driving the North East of Scotland CRAZY!


The Greigsy @ Breakfast Hearing Test!


Tune in at 8.24 am to Greigsy at Breakfast where you can be the first person of the day to play for the cash on the Greigsy @ Breakfast Hearing Test!  

Greigsy is testing your hearing with a clip he’s recorded. Can you tell what the noise is? Beat it to win the cash

We’re so keen for you to beat Greigsy and win the cash that you can take the Hearing TEST! again at 12.24 pm during Lunchtime with John Mellis 

& at 5.24 pm with Andy & Craig's Big Drive Home.




a photocopier

a radio being tuned in

a disposable camera flash

a Zippo lighter

a typewriter 

a Dynamo label maker


a microwave

an electric stapler

switching on a strip light



paper Scanner

paper guillotine


a passport stamper

a printing calculator

a till


a paper shredder

a petrol lighter

hotel key card


a paper shredder

an electronic franking machine

an automatic CD multiplayer


a tile cutter

a fax machine

a Northsound 1 ident


wiper blades on a car

a photo scanner

a Zippo lighter!


a rotating dialling phone

a cash register

an electric hole punch


a clocking in machine

a slot machine

a radio tuning


an indoor putting game

a pinball machine

a bank note counting machine


a return carriage on a typewriter (again)

a photocopier (again)

a laminator


a vending machine

a padlock

a Polaroid camera


a microwave

a CD Changer

a staple remover


a hotel keycard

a tap turning on and off

a continuous feed printer


a hotel keycard

an old style adding machine

an air hockey machine


a Zippo lighter

a farrier at work

a franking machine


a bag sealer

an electronic stamper

a car park ticket machine


an umbrella 

(specifically, when you press the button and the umbrella shoots up!)

a dishwasher

an ice machine 

Greigsy hitting a golf ball...

an automatic car aerial

a gumball machine


Greigsy trying to start a car

an automatic air freshener

a pinball machine


swiping a cheque through at the bank

a water dispenser on a fridge

a Lotto machine


a bottle opener

an air pump

a safe opening


the automatic ticket barrier at the railway station

a bicycle bell

a TV going to standby


a latch on a garden gate

a library stamp

a pad on an automatic door




ball & Paddle from Break a Brick Game

hotel keycard (again)

electronic door closer

a parking ticket machine

halogen heater

pinball machine

childs cash register

sharpening a carving knife





filing cabinet drawer opening and closing


Sellotape dispenser

comb binding machine


printer running out of paper

vending machine

cutlery drawer

an old fashioned phone hanging up

computer switching on

pinball machine

money counter 

iPad/iPhone being switched off




3D Printer

Lock on a sliding door

Bottle opener

Soap dispenser

Blow torch!

Cash register

Electric soap dispenser

Battery powered drill 

Lift opening

Air hockey table

A coin being put into a phone in a phone box




Automatic handwash dispenser

Kettle boiling


Adjustable mechanism on an office chair

X Ray Machine

Pricing gun

Blood pressure machine

Email notification

Pedal bin

'That machine kids put ten pence in, turn a handle and get a sweet or a toy out of!'

Checkout scanner

Franking machine

Taking a headphone lead out

Feedback noise when microphone is too close to speaker

Car seatbelt

Staples being removed from a stapler

Skylander game

Central heating controls

Zippo lighter (again)
Coffee machine
Mobile phone connecting to a hands free
Mechanical Ashtray
Clock-in machine
Someone hitting a golf ball
CD ROM drive on a computer
Electric pencil sharpener
XBox opening & closing
Credit card machine
Photo booth




a self cleaning razor

a digital camera

a clay pigeon launcher


an electric hand dryer 

a sewing machine 

a TV being switched from standby to off


security alarm panel





door swipe pass

metal latch on a door


an ATM

a hand-towel dispenser

a ringbinder


tape being ejected

an electric tin opener

a Sweetex dispenser


central locking in a car

football turnstile



a heating fan being turned off

a hearing aid

clinking cups being put into a cupboard


staple extractor

Playstation turning on

Candy Crush game


a one armed bandit

an electric toothbrush

a small, hand-held, metal detector (apparently)




air conditioning unit

Paperclip Man on the old Microsoft Word

nail gun


staple extractor

Playstation turning on

Candy Crush game


a security tag being removed

a pre-paid gas card meter

a Stanley knife being used on wallpaper


a camera taking a picture

a garage door closing

a tyre pressure guage


text tone on a mobile phone

tape recorder

kettle boiling with a teaspoon going into a china mug


gas hob being lit

gas cooker ignition


a souvenir penny stamper

a flip clock

an eye test machine


mouse trap

Xbox turning on

security alarm


TWG: We're running out of web screen here! Someone please get it soon!!... ;)


a letter sorting machine

a coin slot on a pool table

a coffee machine


unlocking a smartphone

turning a key in a door

a fairground 'test your strength' machine


electronic tin opener

tuning in a car radio

hole punch


a heavyweight electric masonry drill

someone emptying the trash bin on their PC

sound on an extractor fan above a cooker being switched off


a pay-phone

a supermarket scanner

a Supaclip dispenser

TWG: I can hardly type any more - my fingers hurt! Listen to the shows, phone in & please get it right!!... ;)

tee shot in a golf computer game

mail through a letterbox

clock mechanism


an elevator arriving at a floor

a sweetener dispenser

a mail franking machine


sleep/wake button on an iPhone

knitting machine

a swing

a paper punch (again)

a kids spinning top


a microwave

a typewriter

a cash changer


CD/DVD rejecting!

Pointless machine


TWG: Still no WINNER! This really is proving to be a tough one... Will you get it right? Tune in, phone in & please WIN! :)

an electric door entry system

an old fashioned telephone

a photocopier (again)


meat mould

bag to keep valuables to take to the bank



an electric soap dispenser

a latch on a petrol pump

a key-card being used


car key fob

lighter (again)


a garage tyre balancing machine

an insect zapper

taking a photo with your smart-phone


an old photo projector

a joiners vice

a disc being ejected


window blind

spoon in to a bag of sugar and sprinkling it on your cereal

popping a sweetner into the cup


an airline seatbelt

an old fashioned typewriter

the sound of coins being rejected by a machine


an air conditioning machine

clock from the TV series 24

a pump dispenser for sweetners


CB radio ‘talk’ button

timer on halogen oven

opening a window 


an egg timer

a bicycle bell

a sound effects machine!


a date stamp

a blacksmith making a horseshoe

a pricing gun


automatic drinks dispenser

Lever arch file

barrel pump


automatic rewind of a cable plug

slide projector

lighting a match


an ink cartridge being aligned when it’s changed 

a petrol lawnmower being started

a stapler


TWG: THANKS for double-checking the WRONG answers - there's MORE! Listen to the shows, phone in & please get it right!!... ;)

a car driving over a manhole cover

a lift on a toy garage

a coffee perculator


a jetwash

a shot with a golfclub

a button on a cordless phone


green man at pedestrian crossing




cash machine dispensing money

Xbox Kinect


a self-service supermarket scanner

a spinning ashtray 

a key fob being removed from a car


a card shuffler

a coffee machine

a wrought iron lift


cash machine dispensing money

target getting knocked down at a funfair

telephone answer phone


a Wii game

a disco duck toy she played with as a kid 

an amplifier


computer mouse

flip chart



a metal ladder for the loft being extended

an air compressor

a franking machine


switch from a reel to reel cassette player

surge from a welding unit

clocking in machine


a knife being sharpened on a slate

a cigar cutter

an old fashioned credit card machine


metal turnstile

petrol pump nozzle

ATM machine spitting out bank card


screwball scramble

cassette player

baseball being hit by a metal baseball bat


an old fashioned cash register

a key entry system for a hotel door

a turnstyle


a video being placed into an old fashioned video recorder

a refilled stapler closing

the noise Romeo makes every night on In Demand when he goes into the break!


adjusting a car seat

wheely suitcase handle

retractable measuring tape


taking a photo with a smartphone or tablet

inserting a pound coin to release a trolley

an automatic bread-maker machine


TWG: THANKS for double-checking the WRONG answers - Why has nobody got it yet!?? Have a go & please get it right!!... ;)

a car cigarette lighter

a Hoover (vacuum cleaner) sucking up a coin or a kirby grip

a Hoover (vacuum cleaner) extension hose clicking into place


hammer machine at the fairground

worktop halogen oven

valve opening & closing on a water sprinkler


pen clicking

bell on a tricycle

putting a cheque through


car key fob

Zippo lighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see above)

office chair gas pedal


a petrol pump

an old fashioned shop doorbell

a sunbed


curtains closing with a remote control

washing machine turning on

office chair gas pedal (again)


a coffee/soup vending machine as it dispenses

a Hoover (other vacuum cleaner brands are available)
a keycard for an electric meter


bread maker
stair gate
key to padlock

a games console being switched off

a treadmill

a metal measuring tape retracting


Zippo lighter (yet again!!!!)

electronic safe locking

ice dispenser


pilot light on boiler

security tag on clothes/bottles

inserting power tool in to charger


a disc being inserted into a Playstation

a pound being put in the slot to release the shopping trolley

a cheque being paid into an ATM


gas log fire igniter

stopping a rewind cassette tape

releasing harness of child seat


a ring-binder being opened

an electronic ticket machine at the train station

a jet steam iron


 TWG: I know what you're thinking - 'will this page ever end?!!' Keep scrolling, you can do it! ;)


coin in a locker

Soda Stream

putting up an ironing board 


carriage returning on typewriter

a washing machine finishing its cycle

a shop bell

someone shutting a sound-proofed door

keys out of the car ignition

digital thermometer

token going into an arcade game!


a garden gate opening

a pound coin being released from a coin holder

a cooker valve being depressed


a deep fat fryer being switched off

a shower curtain sliding on a rail

swiping to unblock the screensaver on a phone


Lever arch file

mechanical door bell (which isn’t working)

a stopwatch


door mechanism

bicycle bell

a stopwatch (see above)


a button tow ski lift

a stopwatch (see above)

the eraser buttons on an Etch-a-sketch


a beer bottle spring top

the beeping noise of a pedestrian crossing

a two way radio


a squeaky door handle

a shotgun loading or unloading

a pull chord


reversing sensors on a car

knitting needles

electric sunroof on a car


a microphone being plugged in

a high striker

(that game where you hammer the base and try to make the bell ring) 

a mechanical pencil sharpener


buying a bus ticket


steel ball mechanism on a bacatel board


a toy cash register

a car park entry machine

a hairdryer


hole paper punch (again)

turning a Rubix Cube

closing a ring top curtain on a metal pole


an electronic card dispenser from a casino

a tumble drier reaching the end of the cycle

a belt buckle being undone

opening/closing a safe

cordless drill

ice dispenser on fridge

step ladder opening and closing

man hole cover


a vice handle

an old fashioned jukebox

a can ring-pull being opened


electric pull light switch

stylus going back in position after playing a record

golf putting machine


board game globe with the dice inside

old fashion type writer carriage return

mobile phone barcode scanner


a leaf blower

a pair of scissors

a knife going into a knife sharpener


new Monopoly game with electronic card dispenser

witching on a fluorescent light

changing an ink cartridge on a printer


TWG: Are you still looking? There's a few more! Phone in & please get it right!!... ;) 


an electronic safe being opened

someone teeing off at a golf course

a pistol being cocked 

office printer


old-style credit card machine


condiment bottles knocking together

opening and closing a briefcase

the noise from the old computer game pong!

the noise just after a printer cartridge has been changed

an electric shower being turned off


voucher scanning at the bank

old letterbox with a spring

Zippo lighter (really?)


an old camera

a Sony Walkman (!) 

a bus ticket machine


Dyson hand dryer

electric meter tripping out 

childrens cash register


 a vending machine

an old fashioned jukebox

a milk float with milk bottles


weights machine at the gym

record ‘danceaway’  by Roxy Music

x ray machine

automatic air freshener in bathroom

security door releasing.

conveyer belt

firing airgun at target 

lift shutting

metal ice cream scoop

 signal from Thomas the tank engine

window closing

squeaky clipboard

car parking machine 

electric oven switching on/off 

Playstation switching on/off

the noise a smoke alarm makes when the batteries are low

scanning a Tesco clubcard (other cards are available)

twin locking scribe

electronic gas lighter on an oven

automatic tennis ball server

old fashioned cash regsiter

old fashioned till

electric shower (again)

in car cigarette lighter

fridge when its open too long

bus conductor ticket machine

 Jumping Jacks on an iPad 

an electro magnet switching off 

a Newton’s Cradle desktop ball clacker

test your strength machine

 putting fuel in the car 

Zippo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you're just doing it on purpose now aren't you?)

Soda Stream

automatic jar opener

ceramic tile cutter

an aerial lead being removed from a socket

a note counter

a shop door opening

fitting a battery

old fashioned telephone

railway signal

an electronic coin box

a metal blind hitting a window

a lift

industrial measuring tape

closing cover on iPad 

rubber stamp

plug being pulled out of a socket 

northsound vending machine

extending dog lead

gas welder

a fluorescent light being switched on or off

a record needle going back into the docking position


old fashioned monkey with cymbal toy

 Old fashioned numbering machine

 hair straighteners  

ATM machine spitting out money

clay releasing machine when clay pigeon shooting

 air gun used to tighten wheel nuts 

a ring-binder

refilling a stapler

Zippo (weep)

iPod off switch

Pez dispenser

the operation game  

testing smoke alarm

golf ball in driving range

a staple remover

a stone chipper

a weights machine

a radio tuner

a tape measure retracting

tyres being pumped up

game Frustration 

turnstile at ski resort 

phone placed on cradle

 spider catcher  

extending dog lead

flip top kettle

car boot release

Lottery machine

on/off button on DJ deck

 an insecticutor
(insect killing thing they used to have in shops)

a Zerox machine

 a kids’ toy car

automatic kitchen bin 

Jason Derulo song clip

electronic prepaid gas meter






TWG: Congratulations on scrolling to the end of the page! Someone has to win soon, why not you? Phone in & please get it right!!... ;)




Tune in to WIN! :)

Previous Winner

Wendy Kilpatrick from Westhill walked away with the £930 up for grabs… she guessed the noise correctly...

What was it? Watch below…



So, it was a Clipboard – or Clipboard Clip!


Greigsy is noising-up the North East again!...




*Please note: The sound you suggest when you call in must match the pre-recorded video clip of the noise exactly, thank you. 


Click for Bauer competition terms and conditions