WATCH: An average lifetime in just 60 Seconds

WATCH: An average lifetime in just 60 Seconds

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If an average lifetime was condensed into just 60 seconds this is what it would look like...

You'd spend nine seconds working, three seconds on holiday and two seconds commuting.  In real time that equates to 13 years, three months working, three years, two months on holiday and one year, seven months commuting. All quite substantial portions of your life!

The recent study commissioned to launch the new Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch, also found that on average we spend eight years and 110 days of our lives watching TV.

Just over a quarter of your lifetime is spent asleep, that's 16 seconds, or 17 years and 41 days in real time and when it comes to queuing you'll spend seven months queuing! 

In fact those in Southampton might be queuing for much longer over their lifetime.

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When it came down to the regional statistics the common myth that Scots are heavier drinkers was dispelled when the results showed that the English actually spent more time socialising in the pub. 

The socialising English racked up over a year (368 days) at the pub, whereas Scots only spent 298 days there and Northern Irish 299 days.  The Welsh spent the least amount of time there with 279 days in the pub.

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Here in Scotland we spend 202 extra days asleep compared to the average Brit, snoozing for a total of 17 years 243 days, we also take more holidays over the course of a lifetime with 84 extra days.

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