6% of people in Scotland are guilty gifters

6% of people in Scotland are guilty gifters

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What sort of gifter are you?

Do you put thought into your gifts or do you just choose the cheapest thing you can find?

In the run up to Christmas Sainsbury's Bank have conducted some research on the type of gifts the public give and you might be surprised.

Nationally the majority of people giving presents this year are what they call 'Saintly Gifters' - putting thought and effort into their gifts, however 6% of those surveyed would be described at 'Guilty Gifters', feeling guilty once they've given a present.  Are you one of them?

From those who said they felt guilty, 37% of those said that was because they put no effort into the gift and 11% said that they knew the recipient wouldn't like the present!

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The research also revealed that 5% of those surveyed re-gifted presents. The most popular reason for re-gifting was not to waste a good gift with 40% of the vote, whilst 7% admitted it was because they didn't have time or had forgotten to buy a present!

The research has also revealed that more people are paying for gifts by credit card, there are various reasons for this, including enhanced consumer protection, interest free periods and rewards such as cashback or loyalty schemes.

The regional results revealed that in Scotland 6% are Guilty Gifters, 16% are Casual, 57% are Saintly and 4% are Green Gifters.

Casual Gifters are those who just put enough in so they don't feel guilty, whilst Green Gifter are re-gifters.

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