10 Reasons you should Celebrate Aberdeen this weekend

Celebrate Aberdeen weekend is here and we’re asking you to celebrate with us! 

Aberdeen. The Granite City, the Oil Capital of Europe. We love you. Let’s Celebrate this great city together. 

1. The People
The people make the place and the people make Aberdeen. The Celebrate Aberdeen parade along had brought together more than 3,500 people from 130 diverse charity organisations on each of the four occasions it has taken place.

2. Places
From the Beach Esplanade to Duthie Park. Aberdeen is packed with magical places. Fittie to Hazelhead. Picking just one picture was tough…

Old Aberdeen | Gordon Robertson

3. Food 
Hands up if you’ve ever run out of places to eat in Aberdeen… anyone? No? 

4. The oldest business in Britain!
Did you know that Aberdeen Harbour is the oldest operating business in the UK? It was founded as a result of a charter in 1136. Now you know! 

Aberdeen Harbour | Danial Chitnis

5. Drink
…and not just the alcoholic variety. Affa fine! Porter's Gin is made at the first distillery in Aberdeen in more than a century!

6. Granite
Grey in the winter, glistening in the summer. We love it!

Marischal College | Ryan Woolies

7. Fly Cup and a Funcy Piece 
Sometimes a picture says a thousand words…

8. Aberdeen FC
Scotland’s The world’s greatest team. But, we’re bias. #COYR

9. The Rowie
Invented to keep the fishermen fed at sea on long sailings, the breakfast treat has stood the test of time and is in no way fatty.* (…*maybe a little)

10. Music
Music scene, in Aberdeen? We think so! Just try out any of the Celebrate Aberdeen stages across this weekend! 

Celebrate with us this weekend with Celebrate Aberdeen. It's free to come and you're invited! Come along and experience live music and entertainment across Aberdeen.

Head over to celebrateaberdeen.org for a full weekend schedule. See you there!

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