Meet Lauren

Meet Lauren

Lauren Mitchell keeps Jeff and Pete right weekdays from 6am...

Ever since Lauren can remember, she knew she wanted a career in Radio. She grew up listening to Northsound 1 and Tay FM – she even attended caught a Mcfly drumstick at Free at the Dee!! 
After completing a HND in Radio Broadcasting gaining her very first A, Lauren decided to embark on a Media degree at RGU where she decided to do university radio and lots of work experience with Northsound 1.
Lauren has been looking after the roads for the last year on the home run with Andy James and she has never looked back. Now she's raring to go and can't wait to wake up the North-east as part of Jeff and Lauren in the Morning. 

Here are Lauren’s answers to your quick-fire questions:

Q1: When did you know radio presenting was what you wanted to do?  
A1: Ever since I can remember! 

Q2: Best moment on the radio?
A2: Jeff is going to read this isn’t he? Just like you are. So; it’s got to be the first ever Jeff and Lauren in the Morning.  

Q3: Most embarrassing radio moment to date?  
A3: Smacking my head off the microphone at the end of a song that went really quiet. It didn’t knock me out – but – it did knock every little bit of radio ‘cool’ out of that talkie bit.  

Q4: Your first album?  
A4: S Club 7 – Reach!

Q5: Your one desert island disc? 
A5: Anything by Avril Lavigne. Don’t make me choose which one. They’re ALL good!

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